If you are planning to add document viewing capabilities to your existing asp.net or mvc / .net core project then our C# document viewer can be a perfect fit for your needs. Doconut is an online document viewer or a document viewer in C# which is based on asp.net. It requires zero coding from your side, just a plug-n-play C# document viewer that supports wide range of document formats like Microsoft word, Microsoft powerpoint, excel, acrobat pdf, tiff, drawings dwg, common image formats and many more. You get a 60 days free trial which is fully functional, with lots of sample code and examples that help you get started. Do sign-up for the document viewer in C# today.

Following sample shows how to use Doconut for document preview C#, word doc viewer C# and how to open word document in browser using asp net c#.

Note: Like C#, one can also use VB.Net language with our Asp.net document viewer. There is also an Asp.net MVC version and .net core / .net standard version dll.