Microsoft office is extensively used in our day-to-day life, in corporations, government organisation, educational institutes and many other places. The most popular office formats are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. However this requires that you have office software installed on your computer. If you are working away from your computer and you want to remotely view office documents online then either you have to email it to yourself or use any third party component library to view Microsoft Office formats online, just like Doconut!

You might also need to view office formats like Word / Doc / Docx, Excel / Xls / Xlsx, PowerPoint /Ppt / Pptx within your Asp.Net website. This can be a WebForm application, MVC, .NET Core, Docker, Linux or a single page app using Blazor or Angular. The technology can be any, but Doconut will seamlessly integrate with your project and allow your clients, users or customers to easily view office based formats online right from their web browser with minimal effort or coding.

Doconut will render these office file formats even on mobile apps. There are features like annotation, search available inbuilt. You can also customize the UI completely to match your project requirements. It can look like an Office Asp.Net Viewer Control or like an Adobe Acrobat Pdf Viewer Asp.Net Library.

Doconut is very fast as compared to many other office file format viewers for .net. It implements lazy loading, thus there is no need to convert your office document to PDF first. It loads the office document pages as they are requested. Making Doconut the preferred choice among the third party paid Microsoft Office document viewer libraries to view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files online.

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