Doconut document viewer now supports exporting / saving a document to a cloud location. Currently supported cloud locations are Amazon AWS S3 Elastic File System (EFS), Google Cloud Storage, Azure File Storage, DropBox, Redis, Content Delivery Networks, FTP and any CDN (Content delivery network) provider.

Uploading and viewing Microsoft Office (Word docx, PowerPoint pptx, Excel xlsx), Acrobat Pdf and many such formats from a cloud provider has many advantages.

You can easily scale up the document viewing capabilities of your application or website. The viewing speed can be drastically improved and can easily view large documents with great speed. Our cloud document viewing solution offers you a horizontally scaling document viewer.

As the world is moving towards cloud, it is very important to provide a seamless document viewing experience to your customers. There are many high traffic and mission critical applications with millions of simultaneous users and requests. Using our cloud viewing feature can easily help you tackle any present or future traffic.

We recommed Doconut for many industry verticals like Document Management Systems (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Work flow applications, Medical, Legal and e-Learning Systems, Recruitment Agencies, Claims Processing Systems, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Clinical Trial Management.

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