Doconut provides easy to use and light weight redaction, annotations API which can be used to annotate documents of all formats (word .doc, excel .xls, powerpoint .ppt, acrobat .pdf and many more). The Asp.Net Document Redaction API is fully JavaScript HTML5 canvas based and works client side. You can draw various objects over the documents like rectangles, square, ellipse, stamp, freehand, notes, images, lines, triangle and more.

The redactions are very useful tool for appending information over documents, to hide certain parts of document or add notes, quality control comments and group editing and reviewing of important documents for workflow applications. This is also applicable in Document Management Systems where users, during team collaboration, can edit and version the document’s meta data.

The annotation information can be stored in a separate XML file or string, stored as physical file or inside a database. This redaction metadata can be loaded along with original documents at any given time. You may also permanently burn or save this over the original document and export it to Acrobat PDF format. You can download a fully functional 60 day trial of our Asp.Net Document Redactions Control in C# and VB.NET, Asp.Net Webforms, MVC and .NET Core for free.

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