Versatile ASP.NET Core Document Viewer. Doconut supports Docker, load balancing, multiple IIS worker processes. See live demo of our .NET Core Document Viewer. Dotnet Core / Standard document viewer for document management systems dms document viewer, case management, legal applications, human resource management portals.

Doconut comes with ready to use sample solutions, which can give you a quick start. Easily integrate it in your existing .Net core or .Net standard applications. It also works within a webservice, to convert or export documents to pdf format.

You may also check our document viewer demo provided with our free trial zip / setup download. Doconut is HTML5, JavaScript document viewer with lazy loading feature. Opens up the document quickly and loads / requests pages only which user wants to view them. The best web based VB.NET document viewer.

Compatible with .NET Core 3.1, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Core 7.0 using .NET Standard DLLs.