Doconut is an ASP.NET Document Viewer which is easily scalable and supports load balancing scenarios. It can work with web farms, multiple IIS worker processes setup. You can easily scale it horizontally by adding more nodes. It also works in Docker containers (both Linux and Windows).

In today’s world applications are expected to cater millions of simultaneous users. The traffic may increase or decrease depending on various factors. Load balancing is an important feature that proves useful in such a scenario. Doconut document viewer has a perfect solution for you. It has out-of-the-box support for load balancer, webfarm, horizontal scaling. And the best part is that it is very easy to set up!

You can use load balancing with virtual private servers (VPS), Amazon AWS S3 Elastic File System (EFS), Google Cloud Storage, Azure File Storage, DropBox, Redis, Content Delivery Networks, FTP or any other cloud or local storage. Doconut viewer requires a central storage for document cache, which is accessible by all the load balancer nodes. Please find more details about our Asp.Net cloud document viewer.

Note: The server setup for load balancer, hardware or virtual nodes is done by your team.